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For Microblading

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For Microblading

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Client Preparation For Microblading


60 Days Before Appointment

  • Chemical or Laser Peels should be performed no less than 60 days before your appointment. 

14 Days Before Appointment

  • Botox or Fillers should be done 10-14 days before appointment. 
  • Use of Retinols (Retin-A) and AHA or BHA (Glycolic, Salicylic, and Lactic) should be paused at least 14 days before the appointment.
  • Avoid excessive sun or tanning beds.

3 Days before Appointment

  • Do not wax, tint, or tweeze around the brow area. 

24 Hours Before Appointment

  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine.
  • Do not take Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, or Omega 3 (fish oil). 

Day Of

  • Avoid excessive physical activity the day of the appointment.

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Aftercare For Microblading


Your care kit!

You will recieve a healing cream, a small instruction card and a tissue to get the healing started! You can always refer back to this page of course when needed!


-Please do not get them wet or submerge in water for a week.

-Please do not touch your brows with dirty fingers.

-Please do not itch your brows, lightly tap brows over tissue to ease itchiness. 

-Please do NOT apply make up over brow area for at least a week!

- Please do not over expose your vulnerable skin to excessive sun light or tanning beds!

-Try your best to sleep on your back, or wash your pillow cases more regularly to keep bacteria at bay.

-If you feel the healing cream isn't working very well, try dry healing! If one way isn't working, try the alternative.

- Please remember that your brows might do some funky things, but it usually is all normal. If you are concerned please reach out to us immediately 

Stages Of Healing:

It takes your body up to 4 - 6 weeks to fully heal a wound. That's why it is important to wait that long until your crucial second touch up appointment. Yes, it can be hard to push through! But it is well worth it. 

First Stage

 When an injury penetrates deep enough to damage your dermis, the inner layer of your skin. Within a few minutes, platelets in your blood start sticking to the site of injury and binding together, which is called the hemostasis phase of wound healing (better known as blood clotting). 

Second Stage

 With the wound is now plugged up, your body unleashes its molecular cleanup crew, clearing out dead tissue, bacteria, and any foreign material that found its way into the injury site (which is why you need to blot so the scabs don't pull out the pigment.). Blood vessels dilate in order to let important antibodies, growth factors, nutrients, and enzymes reach the wound. This is called the inflammatory phase of wound healingand as you might guess by that name, it’s accompanied by some less-than-delightful pain, swelling, & redness. 

Third Stage

Next, it’s time to start rebuilding the wound. New collagen and other substances are helping to form new connective tissue. Myofibroblasts help shrink the wound by gripping the edges of the injured area and contracting—leading to the tight, itchy feeling you’ve probably experienced as a wound starts to heal. This is the proliferative phase of wound healing. 

Fourth Stage

 Last comes the remodeling or maturation phase—where collagen fibers get reorganized, any cells that are no longer needed die off, and healing is complete. Sometimes it takes longer healing time for deeper wounds. Luckily, Microblading is not very deep at all, making it semi-permanent.  

healing process for Microblading

Day 1

 You are so in love with your new brows! They are perfect! The fresh newly microbladed brows will begin to heal as fast as we began. So please No touching or covering them, they need to breathe. Blotting your eyebrows every hour to ensure scabs are not forming over them, and applying cream if you are not planning on dry healing. 

Day 2-4

 Your brows will be in full healing process, fresh new brows already mending themselves! The pigment will have gotten darker, a lot darker. But don't freak out! It is totally normal! 

Day 5-7

 Some scabs may have formed and are beginning to slough off, peel or flake. This too is totally normal and to be expected though not everyone experiences this. Just bear with the proces, It will be worth it!  

Day 8-14

 You should be able to wear makeup at this point, however be cautious of your own healing process. If it looks iffy, it probably is! Your brows may look like they have disappeared but don't worry, they will return!

Day 15-30

Your brows may have appeared and some strokes may look faded in some spots or gone all together. This too is totally normal. Everyone heals differently and to be expected. 4-6 weeks you can get your touch up!

Day 30-44 (After Second Touch Up)

Your touch up is done and you are feeling more fabulous than ever! All the faded strokes are corrected and they look even more perfect! Unfortunately, your skin needs to heal again! Expect the steps to repeat and take care of them as best you can!  


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